Conquering the Odds

by Ali Gauhar   “I used to think that Pakistan were the most interesting team in the history of sport. I now realise that they’re the most interesting team in the history of mankind. Their […]


Panama Papers Case Decision: The Post Mortem

Pakistan, like the world over, was taken by storm when a group of investigative journalists leaked the highly confidential documents of Mossack Fonseca, a Panama based law firm. These leaks became widely known as the […]


Pakistan Cricket on the Victory Stand

by Asmatullah Niazi Senior Broadcast Journalist, PTV World  ( He covered cricket from 1995 to 2003     The Pakistan cricket team has always been called unpredictable because of its track record. In the winter […]


FATA: A Situational Analysis

by Amina Khan Research assistant, Institute of Strategic Studies   With the exception of the Mohmand agency, the overall security situation in FATA in 2016 witnessed a drastic improvement according to a report recently published […]


Mountain & Glacier Response to Climate Change

by Aisha khan   The ecological trend of greatest concern in Pakistan today is the continuing loss, fragmentation and degradation of the natural and modified habitats. Pakistan is situated in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian […]


Deconstructing the Islamic Military Alliance

by Fatima Raza Research assistant, Institute of Strategic Studies   The Islamic Military Alliance or the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) announced by the government of Saudi Arabia in December 2015 is a […]


Balochistan’s Unending Violence

by Mashaal Gauhar The prized deep water port of Gwadar represents an important trade route to the Arabian Sea for countries like China and the landlocked Central Asian republics   The recent three-day army operation […]


Remaining Anchored in a Storm

by Kamran Rizvi Kamran Rizvi came to Pakistan and pioneered the self-improvement and organisation development movement under the banner of KZR   “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to […]