Al Ain Zero: Launched in Pakistan

On the 4th of December a well known UAE water brand was launched in Pakistan. This is not just any type of water, this is Al Ain Zero. A sodium free water that is healthier to drink compared to other bottled water brands in the market currently.

The launch was held at the FPCCI Production & Entertainment conference FocusPK16 closing gala night. Al Ain Zero launched at this high profile event in support of the arts of Pakistan as conference title sponsor. Aagthia is a well known UAE company and is placing Al Ain Zero through it’s local partner Roots R Us in retail stores across Pakistan in a short span of time to be able to reach consumers nationwide. Al Ain Zero is the first of many overseas brands Roots R Us has launched here to be able to give our consumers a wider and safer choice of products to enjoy. Al Ain is the leading bottled water brand of the UAE with a history of twenty five years expertise in the water category serving it’s customers.

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