Fri, Jun 22, 2018

1 How do you feel when people call you an inspiration?

It does feel great of course, but sometimes I wonder why? Is it because I am a woman in a wheel chair? Or is it because they know what I do?

When did you know that you wanted to be a motivational speaker?

When I spoke at Tedx Islamabad for the first time. After my talk a girl came to me and said if she could give me a hug. She then said to me, “your 10 minute talk has solved 10 problems in my life. Today I realised that those problems were all in my head and they never existed.” That was when I knew my words could actually help people.

Is it hard to tell your story?

It is, because I have to relive every moment of the car accident and what happened after. It takes time to recover after a talk, but I genuinely want to help others through their pain. If I can transform even one life by sharing my story, I know that I have done my job.

How do you feel when your speeches go viral?

It makes me happy, because people all over the world are listening to what I have to say. If anybody is going through pain I hope they find some sort of comfort or motivation in my words.

Tell us about the food drive?

I am at my happiest when I am at the food drive. It is not just about giving food to people, it is a community gathering. We eat, play, laugh, and sometimes cry. The concept of the food drive is about inclusion and diversity, and it is of course about feeding the poor, but it also aims to serve as a platform where people can talk and bridge gaps.  When I see little children laughing and smiling, especially the ones with the toughest lives it makes me so happy that my pain disappears.

What about your paintings?

My paintings are very important to me. It helps me escape. When I had my accident, it was painting that helped me tremendously. It is extremely therapeutic.

Who is the most important person in your life?

My son Nael. He is my whole world. My prime responsibility is to make sure that he grows up to be a good human being.


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