Blue Chip has become a quarterly in order to reflect its morphing into an in-depth, scholarly and learned publication targeted to decision makers in Pakistan and abroad in governments and businesses, financial houses, corporations, private sector institutions, academia and think tanks.

Apart from concentrating on business and the economy, Blue Chip also carry articles on statecraft, governance, national security, the social sector, politics, art and culture and, above all, on people and humanity.

The need now is for in-depth articles by national and international specialists, scholars and writers of note including business and government players and practitioners themselves and, importantly, the younger generation, to better understand issues, not only to describe problems but also give solutions. 

Blue Chip’s primary focus is not to project a “positive” or “negative” but the true image of Pakistan. Our publication strives not only to highlight Pakistan’s success, but also its weaknesses in order to assist key decision makers in addressing them.


We entered into editorial collaboration with a number of think tanks, universities and corporations throughout the world to get specialist articles on various issues while retaining the human touch, writing about people, politics, places and policies that affect human beings, our prime objective being to help improve the human condition.