Fri, Jun 22, 2018

Ali Gauhar – Executive Editor

Blue chip is back with a bang! We seek to bring informative, inspirational, and dynamic stories to our readers, as we have been since 2004. Blue Chip’s core objective is to cut through the noise, and provide original, objective, thought provoking pieces.  Blue Chip is your one stop place for getting to the bottom of what’s happening in a considered analytical manner.

Blue Chip’s monthly publication will continue to focus on Pakistan’s economic and business climate.  Even with a volatile economy, it is astonishing to see how people, through their creativity and perseverance have become success stories.

Our aim is to shed light on people who inspire, and are constantly striving to make a difference. The idea is to inspire the youth, to make them believe that even during difficult times, people have reached the top, and they too have the ability to do the same. It is crucial that the youth of Pakistan have a platform to express their thoughts and ideas, and Blue Chip will give them one.

Our publication will also bring societal issues into sharp focus. While projecting a vibrant image of Pakistan is important, we also must highlight some of the very serious issues we face. The first step of solving a problem is to admit that we have one. This is why we will have a social issue of the month section, where we will write about or speak to prominent figures on how to tackle these problems.

Blue Chip will publish meaningful articles in an intelligible and simple way for the sake of understanding. Highfalutin articles impede the communication of ideas, and our aim to reach out and communicate. Thus you will see articles on varied subjects.