The Succession Imperative   

by Kamran Rizvi To achieve responsiveness, we need to redesign our businesses by entertaining a completely new paradigm – one that builds trust at every level and empowers people to make decisions that delight customers […]


Pakistan’s Domestic Cricket 

Everything related to Pakistan cricket always has more questions than answers. There are heaps of reasons why Pakistan isn’t producing the players it once did. Why are the ODI and T20 teams way behind the […]


Cricket Comes Home!

by Wasim Abid   On September 12, 13 and 15 Pakistan witnessed the return of International Cricket on its home soil. A group of 14 players from across the world represented an International Cricket Council […]


Angela Merkel’s Inspirational Leadership

“…I always had the expectation that my path through life would be relatively sunny, no matter what happened. I have never allowed myself to be bitter.” – Angela Merkel Securing a fourth term as Germany’s […]


All that Glitters

A second reserve currency of choice will put the US dollar under pressure by Humayun Gauhar Overrated economists — technicians masquerading as designers really — helped destroy the global economy for hegemonic ends by dropping […]


Algeria-Pakistan Commercial Relations     

Pakistan’s interest in importing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Algeria marks a welcome deepening of commercial relations between the two countries. Looking to the North African energy powerhouse not only addresses Pakistan’s energy shortfall, Algerian […]


The Butterfly Effect

by Humayun Gauhar Now learn to differentiate between right and wrong. Those who don’t believe in God the Almighty Creator should not read this article. They will find that their time has been wasted. An […]


Rosebud, meet Calibri

By Danyaal Khaliq   Four years ago, Mr Sharif won his third term as Prime Minister of Pakistan. On that day, I sat down to write him a letter which, incidentally, I never sent. I […]



By Wasim Abid   On Friday July 28, 2017 the Supreme Court of Pakistan disposed off the constitutional petitions regarding the Panama Papers. The Supreme Court found the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz […]