Book Review: “Beloved City”

Reviewed by Mashaal Gauhar “To belong to Lahore is to be steeped in its romance, to inhale with each breath an intensity of feeling that demands expression.” – Bapsi Sidhwa The Illustrated Beloved City, Writings […]


“And what is Aleppo?”

by Syahirah Anwar “And what is Aleppo?” These were the words that were uttered in September 2016, verbatim might I add, by Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential nominee for the 2016 United States Presidential elections, […]



Al Ain Zero: Launched in Pakistan On the 4th of December a well known UAE water brand was launched in Pakistan. This is not just any type of water, this is Al Ain Zero. A […]


A New Way of Learning and Teaching: CIME

by Ambreen Saleh The Centre for Innovation in Medical Education is the Aga Khan University’s latest addition to its Stadium Road campus in Karachi, open to nursing, medical and allied health undergraduate and postgraduate students […]