by Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman

Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman is the most decorated scientist of Pakistan having won four civil awards by the Government of Pakistan 

Bionic Limbs with Sensitive Skin

While bionic limbs have been known for some years, scientists at NASA and US National Institute of Aerospace have developed a synthetic skin which has fine carbon nanotubes embedded in it– tubes so fine that they are one-hundredth of the thickness of a human hair. These nanotubes impart some special electrical properties to this synthetic skin. This can allow a person fitted with an artificial limb coated with such a skin to acquire a sense of touch through transmissions of these sensations via a microchip connected to the human brain.

Time is not far when bionic parts will out - perform natural human body parts.

Ever Heard of “e-Cigarettes”?

I was sitting on a plane last month on my way back from a conference in Trieste when I noticed a passenger on my left who was smoking a battery powered “cigarette”.

by Wasim Abid & Jawad Rehman


PSL Final

The second edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has recently concluded. Peshawar Zalmi takes the crown by beating Quetta Gladiators in the PSL final that was held in Lahore on 5th March 2017. The people of Pakistan witnessed a return of sorts of international cricket back on Pakistani soil since the short Zimbabwean tour of Pakistan in May 2015. The PSL final, which was staged in Lahore, was not without drama, and unfortunate as it was, the whole event was highly politicized. The primary contention was whether the final should be staged in Lahore in the aftermath of a spree of suicide attacks which hit the country in February 2017 - including one in Lahore.

by Noor Rizvi

Noor Rizvi is the Executive Director at RIZ Consulting, a management consulting and training firm

headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan. (


There was an era when employees went to work just to work, when those who were determined, driven and devoted were promoted to higher positions of responsibility, and no one mulled over the effectiveness of the team as a whole and the impact on organizational productivity. Those times are changing though. Organizations today, whether large or small, are beginning to recognise the importance of empowering their staff in order to bring about better results.

Conducted by Aisha Khan


Q: What are the major water-related challenges of Pakistan?

A: Clearly the drastic decline in the per capita availability of fresh water in Pakistan, from 5300 cubic meters in 1951 to less than 1000CM at present, which places it in the category of water scarce countries must be regarded as our biggest water challenge. The drivers of this steep decline are explosive population growth and unregulated urbanization, economic development, which has led to an increase in the number of wasteful consumers of water, decaying water infrastructure, profligate use of water for irrigation, policy and governance deficits, including low water pricing and poor coordination among water-related institutions at both the federal and provincial levels.

by Umar I. Akhtar

The author is a Research & Policy Analyst at the NUST Global Think Tank Network

Without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation.

Quaid-e-Azam’s Message to NWFP Muslim Students Federation, April 1943


The subject of education constitutes the heart of all development in a country. The strategic significance of a farsighted, well-planned, widely affordable and modern education system cannot be overlooked by the decision makers. The creation, maintenance and constant evolution of such a system must be made the top priority of the state.


Conducted by Ali Gauhar



Q: Firstly, how did Al-Fajr International come about?

A: My father, Mr. Tahir Hassan created Al-Fajr International in 1981. He began work through indenting, particularly providing defense and electro mechanical equipment to various departments of the northern areas. In the 90s, we supplied and installed CISCO in the Parliament House. Later on,  Al-Fajr’s focus was on hydropower projects, which we are currently working on. Al- Fajr is one of the few EPC contractors in Pakistan, and one of the largest operation and maintenance hydropower contractors in the country. Al-Fajr international has over 250 employees across Pakistan.


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