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“To belong to Lahore is to be steeped in its romance, to inhale with each breath an intensity of feeling that demands expression.” - Bapsi Sidhwa

The Illustrated Beloved City, Writings on Lahore, edited by Bapsi Sidhwa and published by Oxford University Press, is a literary and artistic testament to the enduring magic of one of the world’s oldest living cities.

The much loved and deeply missed Minoo Bhandara shares his memories of the searing experience of the partition of the subcontinent. Before his untimely death, Minoo Bhandara was widely admired and acknowledged for his writing, his unstinting support of Pakistan’s minority groups and as the owner of Pakistan’s iconic Murree Brewery.

by Kamran Rizvi

Kamran Rizvi came to Pakistan and pioneered the self-improvement and organisation development movement under the banner of KZR

Leaders like you need to ask yourselves whether you enjoy high levels of trust and confidence of your team. If you do, how do you know? You may be in for a rude awakening; a pleasant surprise; or a comforting reassurance, when you discover the truth.

How can you make people feel that they were part of something they could be proud of? What will get them to wholeheartedly commit the best days of their lives to the enterprise they work in? Meaning and purpose of the organisation they can relate to emotionally. In this context, corporate social responsibility (CSR) points the way. It gives birth to a ‘larger than life’ vision that employees and other key stakeholders are inspired by.


On the 4th of December a well known UAE water brand was launched in Pakistan. This is not just any type of water, this is Al Ain Zero. A sodium free water that is healthier to drink compared to other bottled water brands in the market currently.


The launch was held at the FPCCI Production & Entertainment conference FocusPK16 closing gala night. Al Ain Zero launched at this high profile event in support of the arts of Pakistan as conference title sponsor. Aagthia is a well known UAE company and is placing Al Ain Zero through it's local partner Roots R Us in retail stores across Pakistan in a short span of time to be able to reach consumers nationwide. Al Ain Zero is the first of many overseas brands Roots R Us has launched here to be able to give our consumers a wider and safer choice of products to enjoy. Al Ain is the leading bottled water brand of the UAE with a history of twenty five years expertise in the water category serving it’s customers. 

 Taking Bestway from Strength to Strength

What makes a business succeed in this fast paced world? Blue Chip sits down with Asaad Rezzvi, as he shares with us insightful and valuable tips to making it big in business.

Blue Chip (BC): Your work is unique in that not many people in Pakistan do what you do. How would you describe your work?

Asaad Rezzvi (AR): My job routinely entails helping companies, athletes, leaders and teams perform optimally by creating ecosystems that support outstanding achievement.

The world is changing very rapidly, more than any other time in history, and I’m not just referring to business but to culture and every strata of society as well. To give you an idea, Facebook and Twitter were the main catalysts that facilitated the Arab spring, which changed the face of the Middle East in a very short time. Today, people around the world, including Pakistan, have access to actionable information at their fingertips. Companies complacent in their success are fast realising that things can change in a moment.

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