The Business of Entertainment


by Atiqa Odho


The Pakistani Production and Entertainment sector has been evolving into a big business hub over the past fifteen years. A lot of content has been developed and many talented people have been discovered and launched on and off our screens during this time. Strangely enough in all these years, we have never had a trade conference for this sector to strengthen communication amongst its stakeholders.

by Dr. Shahid Mahmud
The author is Chairman and CEO of the Interactive Group

Harking back into history, the vast Eurasian geographical region has witnessed the development of several trading routes, linkages and bonds which have promoted regional connectivity. Such trade routes need to be broadly defined as being harbingers of political, security, mercantile, cultural and natural universes, where they act as both knowledge corridors, as well as pivotal routes for cross cultural contact. Due to the multidimensional nature of the Eurasian routes, many communities, with diverse ethnic lineages, managed to prosper from increased knowledge, cultural contact, as well as trading routes.



Export or Bust


by Dr. Salman Shah


As the year slips by Pakistan's public debt has exceeded 22 trillion rupees with external liabilities crossing the $74 billion mark. Add to this amount, the projected external borrowings for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), along with the looming massive energy bills in foreign exchange needed to service the state guaranteed payments for independent coal power projects, the true picture of Pakistan's escalating debt liabilities emerges.

by Omer Zaheer Meer
The author is Managing Partner of Millennium Law & Corporate Company and Director of the think-tank “Millat Thinkers’ Forum”.

The recent developments in the Federal Budget, and later on in the Finance Act 2016, regarding immovable property shook the realty sector within Pakistan, which was taken by surprise. Taxation is not just a mean to fund a Government but also a policy tool to impact the national economy, social behaviors, trends and developing institutions. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the impetus has mostly been on using taxation for filling up the coffers of treasury with seriously negative consequences.

by Kamran Rizvi
Kamran Rizvi came to Pakistan and pioneered the self-improvement and organisation development movement under the banner of KZR

Irresponsible leadership can be deadly for any business particularly when it results in talented people leaving your organization just when they are most needed.

Your organization hemorrhages internally particularly when the people who make positive contributions decide to leave, and those you would rather lose, hang around. Irresponsible leadership is toxic.

It is surprising to see senior managers in some organizations seeking approval from head office for minor expenses.

by Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan
The author is Principal and Dean of NUST School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Islamabad

Until 1978, China barely existed in the  global economy. Its growth experience remained modest and unnoticed by the global economic powers. After 1978, China cautiously opened its economy, grew at an unprecedented pace and transformed itself from a poor and inward looking economy into a modern, industrial and one of the stronger economies of the world.


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