By Shahbaz Rana

The incumbent government has gotten a rare opportunity to break the decades’ old monopoly of local car assemblers as world-renowned auto manufacturer, Volkswagen, is keen to introduce its brands in Pakistan. Germany’s biggest and the world’s second largest automobile manufacturer in terms of market share, Volkswagen, wants to do business in Pakistan,


The assessment of the first six months performance of the economy in 2014-15 by the Finance Minister is generally positive.

by Professor Tang Mengsheng

“China-Pakistan relationship is a brotherly friendship that has been tested by times of difficulty and forged by mutual trust.”

By Dr. Asad Ali Shah, Ali Shah and Umar Irfan Akhtar


The vision for Pakistan is that of a developed, industrialized, just and prosperous country through rapid and sustainable development in a resource-constrained economy by deploying knowledge inputs.

by Owais Ahmed Ghani

Rivers have nourished human civilisations through the ages. Human habitats have invariably emerged along rivers, lakes and other water resources.

by Shahid Ahmed

A synoptic overview of Pakistan’s development journey over the last six decades reveals a journey of promise and hope that became mired in disappointment and despondency, especially when compared with the tiger economies of


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