by Amer Zafar Durrani
The author is CEO of Reenergia and Secur Global, and a former World Bank Infrastructure Specialist

Smart cities are not created, but rather, they become smart on demand; and I think that this distinction is crucial. It is unwarranted to entertain the idea that one can create a smart city from scratch in the middle of nowhere - even if it is on a possible trade corridor, such as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Purpose-built cities have short lives, as when its purpose fades, the city dies. Cities live because of their diversity of purposes - call them outputs - and unity of their ‘citizenry’ around social and economic security. Cities develop naturally; a city develops its ‘character’ which then characterises its demand and demand patterns. It is these demand patterns, their associated supplied services, and their clusters that are then supported by modern information and communication technology-enabled solutions. This creates a smart city.

by Prof. Zhu Shanlu 
Chairman of Peking University Council

In March 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping articulated at UNESCO Headquarters the new thinking on civilisation -“Civilisations have become richer and more colourful with exchanges and mutual learning”. It is noteworthy that such thinking is based not on “clashes”, but on “exchanges and mutual learning”. Only by viewing civilisations as “diversified, equal and inclusive” will the “seeds of the idea of peace sprout, take root and grow in the hearts and minds of the world’s people”.

by Hsin-Kang Chang

As if they wanted to play games with us, the early residents of the Indus River Valley who created a brilliant civilisation 5000 years ago, and were sophisticated in many aspects, have left no clues as to who they were, where they came from and with whom they had the most contact.

by Asmatullah Niazi

In late November 2015, I landed at Daegu airport, a western city of South Korea to attend the Global Saemaul Leadership Forum 2015.

by  Amer Hashmi
by H.E. Mr. Suchart Liengsaengthong
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Pakistan


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