by Aisha Khan

CEO Mountain & Glacier Protection Organisation

Water discourse has gained prominence in recent years. The main reason for this is its growing scarcity and erratic flow patterns. The quality, quantity and timing are discussed at length, but these deliberations are usually contextualized in the framework of water and its impact on the service sector. The fundamental issues that determine the quality and quantity are either ignored or referenced only to highlight the nexus between water, food and energy.

 Water is a capital asset that supports services that maintain conditions of life. These include provisioning services that have direct inputs into livelihoods and economy; regulatory services like flood and disease control and cultural services. Together, they create ecosystems that support life on Earth.

by Javed Ansari


It is a fact that Pakistan aspires to be a democracy, and peddles itself as such - of course, barring those years when it had been under military rule. The sad fact is that despite being a democracy, the country has never been able to build a real opposition – the element that is the lifeblood of any working democratic polity. In a democracy, the opposition continually questions the working of the party in power, comes up with its own solutions for the problems, demands constructive amendments and presents its own ideas when important bills are presented in the parliament. On another plane, the opposition also tackles issues of national interest and helps the government in resolving such issues.

It is unfortunate that almost 70 years have passed, but successive parliamentary setups in Pakistan have failed to create a real opposition that would be effective in the National Assembly or Senate, or even outside it.

by Wasim Abid & Rahman Ali Khan, Partners at Abid & Khan Law


The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the SECP) is a regulatory body constituted and established under the SECP Act, 1997. As per the SECP Act, the objective of establishing the SECP was the provision of beneficial regulation of capital markets and the superintendence and control of corporate entities. The SECP also administers a number of statutes, including laws pertaining to companies in Pakistan. On their official website, the SECP claims to be developing “...a modern and efficient corporate sector...”, amongst other objectives.

by Huma Khan

Director Research and Communications Center for Global & Strategic Studies


The official commencement of Pakistan’s population census was initiated in March 2017 - a good 19 years since the last census took place. Population Census is significant for countries as it allows them to monitor their changing demographics so that redundant national policies can be redesigned in accordance with the altering patterns.

Conducted by Aisha Khan


Q: There are conflicting views on water availability in Pakistan. On the one hand we face water scarcity but on the other hand the absolute quantity of available surface waters remains the same. Can you explain the reason for this incongruity?

A: Water scarcity can be judged by two parameters: total amount of water available from different sources and number of water users. In Pakistan’s case, water becomes available through precipitation, only whether it is solid or liquid. Precipitation regime remained more or less unchanged over the span of a century, but the number of users (population) has increased by many folds. As the divisor is getting larger and larger, the per capita share is decreasing.

by Kamran Rizvi

Kamran Rizvi came to Pakistan and pioneered the self-improvement and organisation development movement under the banner of KZR

Strategy is essentially a game plan that people execute, in any field of endeavor, whether in sports or in business, in order to win and achieve the overall aims of the enterprise. 

What makes or breaks a strategy is people. Their capability, coupled with their motivation and confidence for performing assigned tasks, individually and collectively, in a challenging context, spells the difference between success and failure.

The centrality of individuals and teams in executing strategy effectively and efficiently has always been known. But this fact has often received lip-service in the past, because top-lines and bottom-lines were being achieved without much investment in training and development of people.


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