by Engr. Dr. M Akram Sheikh, H.I. 

I would like to begin with a conclusion rather than a preamble by lauding the governments of China and Pakistan and their respective leaderships, for recognizing the importance of this venture and effectively launching it.

CPEC is one of the most important visionary initiative of the State of Pakistan. Our dreams to move forward for a better socio-economic landscape of our country should come true provided no time is lost and we as a nation support it wholeheartedly. Let me take all through the genesis of this "Initiative" so that it is properly understood, appreciated and various facets are planned and executed in a holistic and integrated manner in the best "National Interest".  

The CPEC initiative was formally announced, in May, 2013, when the Chinese Premier visited Islamabad at the invitation of the then government. The clear message that both the governments got was that this mega Initiative was of two Sovereign States with long term perspective. The inclusion of CPEC Strategic Partnership by China, as an important flagship component of “One Belt and One Road", deserves to be duly appreciated.

The Corridor programs are only means to an end and NOT the end objective. The Objective, from Pakistan’s pronounced point of view, has to be: A prosperous and a just State which “Cares” and gives "Self Respect" and "Quality Life" to all its Citizens in a “True Modern Welfare State”.

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