By Patricia Lee Sharpe

This piece, which I posted to counter anti-Muslim hysteria during the Bush administration, is probably even more relevant today, when political convenience and ignorance are combining to create a toxic environment for Muslims in America. 

by Dr Ishrat Husain

Pakistan has been facing a unique and difficult dilemma for quite some time. Government leaders of the day

Humayun Gauhar -

First things first. I’ve been absent for the last two weeks because of too much travel piled atop so much work on my plate that I thought that I had become a mental and physical wreck for the first time in my life and felt that I needed a break. Let me tell you that mental fatigue is much worse than physical fatigue.

by Amer Hashmi

Unfortunately, Pakistan is not currently perceived globally as a contributor to regional peace, cooperation, and stability. Pakistan’s contributions to regional peace and stability, including the fact that Pakistan is the largest troops-contributing country to the UN peacekeeping and peace-enforcing missions around the world , at times, tend to be ignored. 

by Brian Cloughley

India-Pakistan relations remain fraught with danger and mistrust. Since October 2014, there have been regular exchanges of fire

by Hussain Haroon 

In the annals of civilized world history immortalized by Herodotus, Arnold Toynbee, Plutarch, Ibn Khaldun and so many other distinguished luminaries,


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