For long decades Pakistan has been considered a developing country, a poor country where people lived in backward conditions. Well, surely this is true for most people in the past times. But it’s now finally time to change this old-fashioned mentality and vision about Pakistani economy, quality of life and overall national wealth.

Pakistan’s Growing Economy In Numbers

In the latest years the GDP in Pakistan has been growing quickly:

  • Average growth of 4,91% from 1952 to 2015
  • Annual growth of 3.65% in 2013
  • Annual growth of 4.03% in 2014
  • Annual growth of 4.24% in 2015

The expectations for the year 2016 are to come soon after the end of next month, in December. Anyways, these few data work pretty well to give you an idea about the rapid economical growth of Pakistan in the latest decades. A growth which is expected to continue in the next decades, as well, until the country will finally step out poverty and become a wealthy nation.

Best Pakistan’s Industries For Investing MoneyPakistan's agriculture

A part of the merits in the Pakistan’s impressive economical growth are to be assigned to investors, who kept boosting the Pakistani government and political choices with their financial investments in local industries and/or largest Pakistani companies in all fields and markets. Thanks to relevant financial firms like Washington Capital Group, today investing money in Pakistani economy is easier and smoother.

The most important industries reveal to be:

  • Agriculture (new plantations of palm trees represent only the latest development in this sector)
  • Construction (main cities are going through a process of renewal with new building and structures)
  • Manufacturing (mostly clothing and shoes, but also sports equipments and electronic devices)
  • Mining (since ever one of the pillars in the Pakistani economy)
  • Services (including also financial services and banking services)
  • Transport (especially, civil air transportation)

Why Is Pakistan Worth Investors’ Attention?

Probably, the fact that Pakistan is partially still considered to be a “developing” country helps investors approach the Pakistani reality. Actually, the concept of developing country is currently associated to the idea of resourceful country to exploit for profits.

But the main reason, technically speaking, is that Pakistan reveal to be a strong country, with important industries boosted by foreign governments. If governments invest in Pakistan, then investors can do the same since it is worth. Investments in Pakistan can be opened with Washington Capital Group, an India-based financial firm which operates in:

  • Investment management
  • Financial management
  • Risk management
  • Market research
  • All brokerage services

Financial advisorsA Chain Of Independent Financial Firms

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