- by Vladimir Kozin

Contemporary Situation in Outer Space 

Outer space has been explored for more than fifty-seven years after former Soviet Union launched Sputnik satellite. Since that time, there has been concentrated media exploitation by many states.

by Ambreen Saleh

Ambreen Saleh works for Aga Khan Development Network

- by Vladimir Kozin 

It is unlikely that nuclear weapons, which the US created in the mid-twentieth century and used only once – to bomb Japanese cities – will ever be activated in a global conflict.

Report by NUST GTTN-IISS Panel Discussion

The National University of Sciences and Technology’s (NUST) Global Think Tank Network (GTTN) arranged a panel discussion with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London, at NUST’s Main Campus in Islamabad under the title, “Evolving Regional Geo-strategic trends in the Region.” 

- by Brian Cloughley

 On the 5th of November, the US Navy Times had summed up Washington’s policy with regards to the South China Sea by stating: “Pentagon chief takes jab at China with aircraft carrier stop”.

For the last many years, Pakistan is faced with a terrorist threat that is widespread, multifaceted, and consistently growing. This calls for a comprehensive, integrated  and a dynamic strategy.


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