- by Mashaal Gauhar

With its unique fusion of Middle Eastern aesthetics and art deco style, the St. Regis Abu Dhabi evokes the old world splendour of a bygone era. Part of the city’s iconic Nation Towers, the hotel is located in the heart of the city, offering comfort and luxury in trademark St. Regis style.

The interiors alone set this magnificent hotel stand apart, making it a favourite destination for elite aesthetes. With its beautifully carved chandeliers, symmetrically designed marble floors and imposing winding staircase, the lobby is a tribute to authentic St Regis design.  Paintings of pearl diving, market traders and desert dwelling are beautiful reminders of the UAE’s desert past and rich Bedouin heritage, providing an interesting counterpoint to the hotel’s art deco theme. The exquisite craftsmanship is in evidence everywhere from the understatedly elegant furnishings supplied by JC Maclean International to the to mosaic embellishments and exquisite details.

The combination of modern and traditional is most beautifully demonstrated in the hotel’s magnificent Abu Dhabi Suite. The highest suspended hotel suite in the world, it forms a bridge between the two Nation Towers offering dazzling views of the Arabian Peninsula. An architectural enchantment with the most sumptuous of interiors, the Abu Dhabi suite hovers at over 200 metres above ground. Sprawling across 1,120 square metres, the suite has its own private elevator access, includes three bedrooms, dining room, library, cinema and spa with a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, two treatment beds and an exercise room.

The entrance of the suite features a vaulted gold ceiling with an ornate crystal chandelier. This theme is replicated throughout the suite along with geometrically patterned marble floors. The suite’s dining room features walls adorned in dark brown leather complete with a rich mahogany banquet table. Soft beige carpets embellished with symmetrical lines are evocative of the desert sand, striking a balance between opulence and spartan desert simplicity. Floor to ceiling windows throughout the suite offer heavenly views, creating the feeling of floating in luxury. A spiral staircase leads to the suite’s master bedroom. Interestingly, the design of all the hotel’s suites do not follow a linear pattern or predictable structure but offer surprises at every turn and a generous utilisation of space which is often missing from the majority of city hotels.  The richly layered interiors boast carved woodwork, ornate embellishments traditional furnishings - all accented with 24-carat gold leaf finishing. The private butler service also offers packing and unpacking of luggage for guests and a Bentley chauffeured car service. Guests at the suite also have access to a private helipad.

The St. Regis signature afternoon tea in the hotel’s magnificent Crystal Lounge is not to be missed. Guests can dine alfresco in the quiet calm of The Terrace on the Corniche, Villa Toscana and the famous Chinese-Latin fusion restaurant Asia De Cuba located on the seafront.

Though located in the heart of the vibrant capital city, the idyllic tranquility of the St. Regis Abu Dhabi makes it one of the most appealing getaways in the UAE. An atmospheric mix of old-world romance and Middle Eastern flourishes, this seamless blending of two completely divergent design aesthetics offers an enchanting experience in a uniquely magical space.