With a membership of over 10,000 individuals, AIESEC is an international youth run, not-for profit organization which is present in over 2400 universities and 124 countries and territories.  Apart from gaining a status of the largest youth run organization in the world, AIESEC is also known for the efforts it makes to eliminate the cultural barriers and detestation which exists in our world today. 

With an experience of over 66 years, AIESEC is entirely run by student and fresh graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESEC provides experiences in leadership and management through providing its members with various platforms and opportunities. Through its vision of ‘Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential’, the organization strives to spread goodness throughout, eliminating the hostility and poverty that exists all around us, accomplishing its mission of ‘Creating a positive impact on the society’. 

Our History

AIESEC was founded in 1948, right after World War 2, with the sole vision of peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. The world was in a chaotic phase and people lost many lives and basic rights after the war. To avoid another catastrophic event like that one, young people of that time decided to empower young individuals. They decided to send young people abroad to make them experience different countries and cultures so as to develop their global mindsets and turn them into global leaders.

Our Network

Through its exchange programs, international and local conferences and virtual tools, AISEC has managed to bring young individuals and partner organizations together from all over the world. Our volunteer members, who account to over 10,000, manage our international and local offices by putting their heart and soul into the organization taking it to the higher levels of excellence.  Together, the network manages relationships with over 8000 partners, facilitates 4400 exchanges and organizes over 500 conferences each year.

Our Values

Our members work by adhering to AIESEC’s six core values through which they take the organization to the greater levels of success.  The core values that sum up the AIESEC careers of all its members are: 

  • Activating Leadership-We lead by example and inspire leadership through actions and results. We take full responsibility for developing the potential of other people.
  • Demonstrating Integrity-We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals.
  • Living Diversity-We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.
  • Enjoying Participation-We have a dynamic environment created by active and enthusiastic involvement of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.
  • Striving for Excellence-We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve our results.
  • Acting Sustainably-We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.

How we make youngsters better people

AIESEC helps develop leadership instincts in young individuals and shows them ways of creating positive impact on our society. Individuals, through international conferences and internships, gain exposure of different countries and cultures and develop global mindsets and cultural tolerance. Also, they make connections and friends throughout the world. Apart from that, individuals can create their own project with their own distinctive vision with the help of other member who believe in it too. These projects work towards the betterment of the society and to aid the underprivileged people. So, AIESEC teaches one overall about leadership, entrepreneurship and global connections too.

Opportunities we provide

AIESEC provides young individuals with two kinds of experiences: local and international.

Local experience because each country and city has their own local chapter which is run by its members. In the course, the members interact with the corporate world, work with people that are normally around that includes peers and people of various mindsets, backgrounds and age and get an exposure that a normal student can’t really get. Moreover, members also learn to work in a team and with people who live abroad. 

Activating Leadership

One of the best ways to develop what it takes to be a leader is to take up one of over 24,000 leadership roles involved in running AIESEC, at local, national, regional and global scale, as well as trainings in soft skills and functional areas in over 500 conferences and thousands of activities each year. Read interesting stories of young people taking on leadership in AIESEC!

AIESEC offers you the chance to lead the biggest youth-run organization in the world, learn relevant business skills in a practical environment and grow into a global minded entrepreneur.

We believe that being part of this global community, taking these management and leadership opportunities and having the chance to learn and question our roles in society gives us as AIESECers a bit of power and direction in becoming change agents for positive impact.

International Exchange

Through AIESEC’s exchange programs, GLOBAL TALENT PROGRAM and GLOBAL CITIZEN PROGRAM, members and non members gain a remarkable exchange experience, being an exchange participant. International conferences too enhance these experiences. Through these experiences, youngsters get a chance to interact with people from all over the world, show the colors of their respective countries, convey their  message and clear all kinds of misconceptions(if there are any). Though the experiences account for a few days or weeks only, individuals can still develop skills like leadership, communication, self management etc. And above all, they work for the betterment of the entire mankind which is above any other achievement. They actually impact another country in a positive way. And later own, they can even apply those skills, experience and knowledge for the betterment of their own country. This is how it works in AIESEC.

  • Local Events

AIESEC in Lahore held the second Global Village twice every year, recently it was held on the 9th of August 2014, with foreign students from over 20 countries. The event was held at Punjabi Complex, Gadaffi Stadium Lahore from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The theme of this Global Village was “Heal The World, Help Bring Global Harmony”. 

Amidst political unrest in the city, attacks on minorities in Gujranwala, and brutal killings in Syria and Gaza, young individuals from AIESEC and Bargad brought people from all over the city together and celebrated diversity with the world. After several requests from people to postpone the event because of the political conditions and rainfall, they decided to hold it despite the security threats and weather conditions because they said they wanted to take a stand for their country, and demand peace and liberty.

During the event every country gave presentations on their cultures, showed cultural dances and sang songs in their languages. Country stalls were also set up where foreigners interacted with locals and told them about their countries of origins. 

At the end over 300 “diye” were lit as a silent protest against injustices happening all over Pakistan and world over from Shia, Ahmadi killings to Palestinian attacks, and to give out a message of tolerance and harmony to the world. 

Youth to Business Forum

Youth to Business Forum is an event which brings top young leaders together with business and thought leaders from around the country for a two day-long conversation about pressing global issues with the goal to generate new, but most importantly, actionable ideas to shape a better future.

The AIESEC Youth to Business Forum is an exciting platform for a special dialogue between representatives of youth and the business world to discuss and explore issues and solutions around the central theme “Inspire. Engage. Act” At this unique event we wanted to frame the conversation with the focus area of “Make a life, not just a living “With this in mind, we wanted to create a space where all delegates and guests can connect and explore this theme and how it affects the topics of discussion. This was done through keynote and highlighted speakers, interactive workshops, panel discussions and forum.  Y2B had a attendance figure of over 300 delegates from various schools and universities. In this two day conference the delegates heard inspirational and educational talks from 10 well renowned entrepreneurs/business tycoons. These included Saad Rasool, Asad Omer, Taimur Bandey, Usama Babar and many others. Two Internship drives were conducted in Y2B, namely by Nestle and Easy Taxi. Both the companies held competitions for selecting their interns out of the many competitive delegates present at the conference. 

Our Local Projects

My World My Choice!

AIESEC in Lahore is really proud to sustain their first project while maintaining its Canadian based curriculum. MWMC has given us an opportunity to have a project under the cluster of Environment and Teaching. It has allowed us to expand us to different schools such as Care Foundation, SICAS and Beaconhouse in the past. Last year after collaborating with Zimedaar Shehri (a very renowned NGO for environmental protection), we felt it was necessary to take more initiatives. 

Therefore in the summer of 2013, this project was conducted in two cycles. The first series of activities took place during the IRSDA Summer Camp of 2013 that was held in collaboration with CCHD. We increased EwA by bringing a new school on board, TNS Beaconhouse and moderated the curriculum accordingly. Sustainability models, cartoon screening (Captain Planet) and presentations were given to the students aged 10-13 by EPs and local AIESECers. 


Based on the Malaysian TN L.O.V.E., AIESEC in Lahore decided to start a new project which covered various global issues which weren’t being covered by other projects we had. It was seen as the most attractive project offered by our LC after Pakistan You Are The One for the global community. With one of the most diverse pool of EPs, this project was also able to run for two cycles. EwA and Product Development reflected from the workings and alliances formed through this project. 

For weeks on Healthcare, Shaukat Khanam Hospital designed an exclusive internship program for our EPs and New Light AIDS control conducted regular counseling sessions and field visits with the EPs and the local interns. Microfinance week was conducted with KASHF Foundation, which provided our EPs with office space and allowed them to visit villages and get more exposure to rural area development. Lastly, we had weeks for creativity which were held in collaboration with Little Art who offered office space, transport and close evaluation of the theatre society in Pakistan. 

With this project based on exchange, we were able to get several NGOs on board working for the development of our society in different ways. Our existing partners; Citizens Archive of Pakistan, Hajvery University and Paidal also assisted us in maintaining the quality of the project by providing different opportunities to EPs who came for this project during the end of their internships.

In an era of Globalization it is becoming increasingly important to foster in people a spirit of tolerance and respect for other cultures. AIESEC believes that this can be achieved by increasing the interaction between individuals of different cultural backgrounds. As increased interaction can help overcome biases and prejudices and create an environment characterized by greater peace and harmony.

Pakistan Tum Hi Toh Ho

Aims to promote Pakistan via changing stereotypical thinking and facilitating cultural understanding through our exchange program, tourism, and journalism. The project also hopes that through its scope, people from different cultures and social settings will find common grounds and values they share with each other and eventually sit together to discuss how they can assist and alleviate problems in one country by importing an idle solution from another country. The project aims to put together people from different cultures who can build a world of mutual respect and peace.

The Project is going to build around foreign interns who will visit Pakistan, it’s culture it’s heritage and then write about it in local and international newspapers or tell the story of Pakistan via documentaries.

We also plan on having a global village for the first time in AIESEC in Pakistan, as well as various learning events in leading universities of Pakistan to further spread the message of peace and harmony within Pakistan as well as internationally.


Is an initiative taken by AIESEC in Lahore to work towards the betterment of a very important group of the society, the often ignored, special children. We aim to make our society receptive towards these special children firstly, through launching awareness campaigns in schools and universities across Pakistan for the inclusion of these special children so that society does away with the various taboos associated with them. Secondly, we plan to bring in professionals from across the globe to train the trainers of these special children and to give one-on-one counseling sessions to parents and the trainers of the special children. We hope to see these children fully integrated into our society through our efforts                                                            


“Tamkeen”, Arabic for empowerment, is the brainchild of AIESEC: Lahore Chapter. It is a project-based on exchange geared towards women-centric issues. Tamkeen has carried out numerous social awareness campaigns focusing on women rights. These campaigns were held in the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Tamkeen has shown a positive feedback not just by changing the mindset of the society towards women and their rights but also by empowering women and giving them support to stand up for

Summer Camp

AIESEC in Lahore conductes the Initiative for Rehabilitation of Socially Deprived Adolescents Summer Camp for underprivileged children and children with disabilities, in collaboration with CCHD. AIESEC in Lahore’s three projects: Tamkeen, Do Each and Everything for Pakistan, and Rise were incorporated in this initiative. The aim of this Summer Camp was to develop and strengthen interpersonal and leadership skills of these children to help them reintegrate into the society. The camp involved participation from both our local interns and foreign interns who helped children in learning activities. Dawn news and CNBC provided media coverage for this 7-day Summer Camp. 

How to become a part of AIESEC in Lahore? 

Young individuals can become a part of AIESEC by either becoming a full time member or by being a part of its global exchange programs. The selection process for both comprise of three steps: the application, group activity and an interview.  The recruitment drive occurs twice a year and the dates of the drive are communicated through AIESEC Lahore’s Facebook page or the website.