Even Nobel Laureates Can be Wrong! In 1972 something extraordinary happened. A young Pakistani scientist, working as a Don at Kings College, Cambridge University, disproved the joint work of 3 giants in chemistry, one of whom (Sir Robert Robinson) was a Nobel Laureate. The other two were Sir W.H.Perkin (after whom two of the top British chemistry journals, Journal of Chemical Society Perkin 1 and Journal of Chemical Society Perkin 2 are named) and Prof. R.H.F. Manske.

by Altaf Gauhar"

If what has been stated above |See Politics & Business, July 25-August 1, 1995,Translations From the QURAN: The Fundamentals of Islam| is the essence  of Islam  then  secularism represents  its  complete  antithesis.

What we say serves to shape our identity in the minds of others and creates



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