by Asmatullah Niazi
Asmatullah Niazi is a senior broadcast journalist

In the late 1950s, polio was widespread across Pakistan, in both the rural areas and the cities. It was pretty much a catastrophe, to say the least, and I, being one of those who had contracted the deadly and lifelong disease, can share firsthand how this crippling disease affected my life.

by Tanya Shah

My love for horses began early on in life.  I started riding at the age of four and I’ve had the good fortune of owning my own horses since the age of 6.

by Seyhr Qayum

One of the questions that artists get asked by non-artists with incredible frequency, is how can you tell if a certain work of art is “any good”? How do you know if a painting or sculpture is successful? Are there any tell-tale signs that viewers and potential buyers should look out for?

by Aisha Khan
CEO, Mountain & Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO)

Pakistan sey Paris is behind us. The journey to Paris for COP21 was exciting and brought together stakeholders from all walks of life to take interest in climate change and make contributions to highlight the significance of COP21 and its centrality in shifting gear to a higher level of engagement and equilibrium.

by Erum Gulmann

I started my blog Total Salads to document my personal journey to try and put healthier and more varied food on my family’s table. I had gotten into the habit of almost always preparing a side salad at dinner using lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes tossed with homemade vinaigrette. Although it was delicious, it started to get rather repetitive. I have had an interest in food for as long as I can remember, and I love writing, so starting a blog as a motivation to come up with more creative salad ideas seemed obvious.

by Nomaan Qazi

In May 1974, in the small southern Punjab city of Mianwali, a boy was born to an athlete mother and a father who was a hockey player. The kid was to grow up to further uphold the sporting traditions of his family.



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