The Modern Magic of Sports


by Haider Ali Daud Khan


The author is the Founder & CEO of Strawberry Sports Management.


Sports is a rapidly growing global industry yet many countries may not realize its true potential. Pakistan is no different, where the status and role of sports has not been mainstreamed. Pakistan has ruled the world of sports as the champions of various games from time to time. The current plight of sportsmen is deplorable to say the least. Other than our international cricketers, the rest of the sportsmen live in obscurity and lack of appreciation. So, is there any light at the end of this oppressive tunnel? The answer is a big YES!

A sports league for national or international sports is not a new phenomenon. Leagues and their teams have, at times, grown into larger-than-life presence and developed an amazing fan following that’s generational.

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by Ali Gauhar



Mark Nicholas, the Channel 9 commentator and former Hampshire captain, after the first ever day-night test at Adelaide, wrote that pink ball test cricket looks as pretty as a picture. In my view, he has got it dead right. He also concluded that most importantly “it puts bums on seats too.” For far too long, we’ve seen empty stands in test cricket, the purest form of the game.  I never thought I’d live to see such poor attendances in the West Indies, which used to have the most colourful and entertaining crowds.

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